Live The Legacy of The Egyptian Civilization

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Ahram-e-Misr is a real reincarnation of the spectacular Egyptian civilization. An special gated neighborhood comprising of luxurious villas for these who are looking for the chic in luxurious living. The mysterious Egyptian mystique comes forth in full elegance, depicting the wealthy traditions of the royal way of life in each and every component of its architectural flair. The surroundings embraces each and every face of the wonderful civilization with the villas, green belts, parks and neighborhood partitions depicting the majestic traditions.

Bahria Springs: An best Community to construct your dream domestic on an distinctive enclave of 1 kanal developed plots inside Ahram-e-Misr.

Egyptian Theme
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750 Sq. Yd Villas
Living Community
423483 200
Limited Units
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Features / Amenities

  • 1.75 to 4 kanal luxurious villas
  • 4 design options
  • 4-5 bed villas, spacious floor plans
  • Four Egyptian themed community gardens
  • World-class luxuries and amenities
  • Ancient mystique and picturesque surroundings

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