Sector A Bahria Town

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Bahria Town Lahore is the largest housing network divided into various sectors and sub-ventures. It is the primary lodging network in Pakistan that came with the underground infrastructure to keep the encompassing clean and cleaned up. Sector A is the most famous and the primarily presented sector of Bahria Town. It is completely evolved and ready for the ownership. The inhabitants can appreciate the a-list amenities and extravagances they never imagined. The basic infrastructure is totally finished.


Since the Sector A is the most established and evolved sector, it is located on the entrance of Bahria Town Lahore. It goes on along the Canal Bank and precedes Canal View Residency and very inverse to Sukh Chain Developments.

Salient Features

We should have a glance at the important features of Sector A to have direct information about it.

Basic Infrastructure

It is the primary lodging society of Pakistan that has an underground force flexibly, water gracefully, Sui gas gracefully and the sewerage framework to keep the encompassing cleaned up and clean.

Garden Sector

It is loaded with green belts, green gardens and green patches along the roads that it won the title of "The Garden Sector." individuals irritated by the dirtied hurrying around of the city life will be incredibly pleased to discover quite a clean and green atmosphere encompassed by endless gardens. Various parks exist here and make the place naturally beautiful to alleviate your eyes as well as your brain.

Historical Monuments

Since it is the most established sector of Bahria Town, it contains countless landmarks that could take you to the ancient occasions with the squint of an eye. You love to be a part of quite a marvelous place with historical recollections.

Zoological Garden

The presence of a clean zoological garden is essential. It adds more beauty to the place and makes it naturally more attractive and a vital outing spot. You appreciate the company of a wide range of land and aqueous animals. Along these lines, the visit to the zoological garden of Bahria Town in relaxation turns into a more memorable activity for you and your youngsters.

Bird Sanctuary

A vast winged animal park of Sector A Bahria Town Lahore is loaded with local and the outlandish fowls from different nations of the world. It is the primary Present-Day aviary containing 65 types of the local winged creatures and 450 types of the fowls from different corners of the world.


Hospital is remembered for the necessities of life and you are never far away from the general public's own hospital that satisfies the international guidelines of health. The sufficient hospital hardware makes it a hospital with international facilities. The exceptionally qualified and experienced specialists and all around trained medical staff are all day, every day present to serve you here.

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Sector A of Bahria Town has a grand mosque with motivating architecture. The inside of the mosque is planned by the internationally awarded architects and it demonstrates the majestic grandeur of Muslim art and culture.


Bahria Town management is a lot of worried about the education of your kids. Thus, you don't have to drop them to the distant schools as the sector A has its own school for kids with excellent education. The teaching staff is profoundly gifted and educated. Along these lines, they are always making a decent attempt to satisfy your dreams for the brilliant eventual fate of your youngsters.

Wide Road Network

The road network is appropriately manufactured and there is no edge of the sector that is inadequate. The wide and even roads give you a novel encounter of traveling without the blockage of traffic to a great extent. The sideways are also wide and very much paved for the pedestrians who love walking.

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Post Office

Bahria Town's own mail center for a speedier postal help is working here. You are comfortable to your mail center to send and get official and educational records.

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Commercial Area
A vast commercial area with a panoramic shopping mall, food courts, and different administrations are here.

Waste Management Wing
It is a main need of the management to keep the atmosphere clean and healthy for the inhabitants. Thus, an exceptionally able waste management wing works day and night to keep the general public clean out of residue and waste.
Transport System
lodging society. You never feel annoying situations to wait for a local transport to take you to your ideal destination inside the general public. Traveling on the wide roads with marvelous natural scenes gives you an amazing encounter.

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